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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Default Metadata (April 2019)

While doing my research for my certification studies, I decided to spin up a trial instance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. While I’ve worked extensively with the system over the past ten years, a lot has changed with CE, especially in regards to the Unified Interface and the Power Platform. I also felt it would be a good idea to have a new baseline to work with regarding the default entities, attributes and option sets. The information I have been using, while still accurate, is missing a lot of the newer entities and fields that have come about in the past several years.

I created my Trial Organization and included all the entities relating to CE. Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, Field Service, and Project Service. While not every one of these applications will apply to every customer, it certainly is worthwhile to gather all the information in one place. In order to gather this information, I took advantage of several plugins inside of XrmToolBox: Early Bound Generator, Latebound Constants Generator, and Metadata Document Generator. Another useful plugin in XrmToolBox is Metadata Browser, which allows you to navigate through the metadata of the organization in one place. XrmToolBox has many other plugins to assist with customization and development in Dynamics 365 CE. I highly recommend adding XrmToolBox to your library if you are involved with customization or development in Dynamics 365.

I have attached the files that I generated here. These files are meant to be used as references only. Each organization will have different needs, different solutions, and additional custom entities and fields. I recommend creating your own resources specific to the project you are working on. If you plan on using early binding or the late bound constant code files it is essential that you rebuild those from your target organization.